Tyrol sings!

Tyrolean music elementary schools & music middle schools on stage

In Kooperation mit der Bildungsdirektion und dem Chorverband Tirol
Eintritt frei!
Tyrol's primary and secondary music schools celebrate a singing festival together!  
To provide primary school pupils with a comprehensive musical education is the intention of the 26 VS classes with a musical focus in Tyrol. The main goal is to get the children excited about music in a diverse, playful way and to promote their musical and personal development through shared experiences and performances - be it through dance and movement, listening to music, body percussion, painting to music, playing Orff and rhythm instruments or, above all, singing.    
Promoting the joy of music in a team is the goal and task of the Music Secondary Schools Tyrol, a special form of school that exists in this way only in Austria. At nine locations in Tyrol, children and young people enjoy a comprehensive musical education consisting of instrumental lessons as well as the disciplines choir, orchestra, ensemble, movement and dance, rhythm and performing arts. Workshops and excursions in cooperation with local cultural and public life round off the varied lessons.