The Magic Flute - short and crisp

Concert for young and old

The Jeunesse as a guest at the Innsbruck Promenade Concerts
Speaker: Thomas Lackner 
Ensemble of the Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbrucker 
Admission: Voluntary donations
The Magic Flute - short and crisp!

Thomas Lackner Acting, Narrator
Sascha Rathey Flute
Tanja Schwarz-Heinrich Horn
Hans-Martin Gemacher Viola 

Prince Tamino, Princess Pamina, the bird-catcher Papageno and the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - it doesn't take much more to conjure up an entire opera on stage in a nutshell. Mozart's opera hit "The Magic Flute" as a rousing and humorous scenic family concert - narrated, played, sung and performed by Thomas Lackner and three musicians from the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck. Jeunesse - Musikalische Jugend Österreichs is one of the country's leading music organisers. As a non-profit organisation, Jeunesse does not pursue any commercial goals and is primarily committed to a young audience and the promotion of young artists.