Grand Ducal Military Orchestra of Luxembourg

Conductor: Jean-Claude Braun
Soprano: Stéphanie Schlink
Admission: € 7
Ouvertüre zur Operette „Die Fledermaus“, Op. 362 

Mein Herr Marquis                 
Arie der Adele aus der Operette „Die Fledermaus“, Op. 362 
Stéphanie Schlink, Sopran
Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume 
Stéphanie Schlink, Sopran                            

Salomes Tanz aus der Oper „Salome“, Op. 54 

El Olimpo de los Dioses 
Hermes –  The messenger of the Gods across all frontiers 
Artemis –  The Goddess of nature and wild animals  
Hades – The God of the Death     
Poseidon – The God of the Sea and the Earthquakes  
Demeter – The Goddess of Agriculture    
Hephaestus – The God of fire and forging   
Apollo – The God of beauty, music and perfection  
Aphrodite – The Goddess of sexuality, lust and desire  
Ares and Athena – The God and Goddess of War  
Zeus and Hera – The God and the Goddess of Gods 

An der schönen blauen Donau, Op. 314

Founded in 1842, the Grand Ducal Military Band of Luxembourg is the oldest professional orchestra in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, making it one of the most important contributors to our country's musical heritage. This large wind orchestra, conducted by Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Claude Braun and assisted by Lieutenant Jean Thill, today consists of around 60 musicians of Luxembourg nationality and regularly collaborates with internationally renowned soloists, composers and publishers. As a special band of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke, the Military Band is under the command of the Chief of Staff of the Luxembourg Army. The Grand Ducal Military Band enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally, making it one of the most renowned military orchestras.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Claude Braun comes from a family of musicians, his father was a clarinettist in the Grand Ducal Military Band of Luxembourg and his mother was assistant director of the Conservatoire of Esch-sur-Alzette (L). At the age of 17 he was already solo horn player in the Grand Ducal Military Band and at 22 he completed his studies at the "Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles" with a "Diplôme supérieur", today renamed "Master". In addition to his career as a horn player in national and international orchestras, he took over the direction of the horn class at the Conservatoire of Esch-sur-Alzette (L) as a lecturer in 1997. In 2004 he was accepted into the renowned conducting class for symphony orchestras of the well-known conductor and professor Jan Stulen of the Maastricht Conservatory of Music (NL). After his successful "Bachelor" degree in 2007, he moved to the "Lemmensinstitut" in Leuven (B) in the class of Professor Edmond Saveniers where he was awarded the "Master" degree in 2009. He is regularly invited as a guest conductor, jury member and leader of orchestra and conducting seminars at home and abroad. Since 1 August 2012, Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Claude Braun has been Chief Conductor of the Grand Ducal Military Band Luxembourg. Together with the 60-strong professional orchestra, he performs around 50 concerts a year. With this renowned orchestra, in addition to a whole series of CD recordings for Hal Leonard, Amstel Music, Baton Music and Bronsheim, he has also worked with world-famous musicians such as: Peng Peng Gong (piano), Prof. Jo Alessi, Prof. Armin Rosin and Prof. Jacques Mauger, Tommy Verschoore (trombone), Glenn van Looy and Philippe Schwartz (euphonium), Prof. Eric Aubier and Prof. Marc Geujon (trumpet), Johan de Meij, Ferrer Ferran, Marco Pütz, Peter Kleine Schaars, Otto M. Schwarz, Vladimir Cosma, Mario Bürki, Bert Appermont (composer and conductor), the conductors Norbert Nozy and Toni Scholl and many others.