Commissioner Flunke and the villains

Family concert

"Jeunesse Day at the Innsbruck Promenade Concerts"
In cooperation with Jeunesse Innsbruck
Admission free!
MUSIC | Murat Üstün
DIRECTOR | Teresita Colloredo
ACTOR | Lilian Genn
CLARINETTE I Martin Schelling
TRUMPET I Stefan Dünser 
ACCORDION I Goran Kovacevic 
CONTRABASS I Martin Deuring 

What happens when four solid villains, alias Romero Calzone, Al Arrabiata, Mozzarella and Diavolo, meet a young and clever music commissioner? 
Together, all the actors set off in search of the secrets of musical interplay. A funny and exciting hour of music theatre.
How does making music together work? Do you really only need the notes? Or is there something else - something important? 
The four rogues seem to have lost exactly this important something.
And yet they have to perform their first gig very soon - everyone plays exactly what is written in the notes, but it sounds just awful! If something doesn't happen very soon, their first performance will be a huge embarrassment and they really don't want that... Help is needed! The famous music commissioner Flunke from the super-smart department is just the right person - but the villains have to manage to keep their true identity a secret from the commissioner. A funny game of hide and seek begins! The clever Inspector Flunke follows every hot lead with her sure musical instinct. Can she solve the tricky case? She first has to teach the rough guys essential skills like tuning the instruments, breathing correctly, a common rhythm and listening to each other. And because they are sometimes really slow on the uptake, she urgently needs the help of the audience!