American Music Abroad


200 All-Star High school Musicians from Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
Symphonic Band & Jazz Band & String Orchestra & Concert Choir
Admission: Voluntary donations
The Gold Tour is a group of all-star high school musicians that form a Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra and Concert Choir. This tour’s Symphonic Band includes 85 members, the Jazz Band is 20 members, the String Orchestra has 25 players, and the Concert Choir is 85 voices strong. These students represent 37 high schools and universities from the states of Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

During their 17-day European tour of 2023, the AMA Gold Tour will tour and perform in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Their eight performances will begin with a concert the Tirolean region of Austria, followed by a performance in Italy, one in the Alsace Region of France, four concerts in Germany, and a final performance in Austria. Some of the cities and towns the performers will visit include the Tirolean region of Austria, Salzburg, Venice, Strasbourg, Heidelberg, Dinkelsbühl, Luzern, and other small towns.

The AMA concerts will feature a varied repertoire. Performances will include music from the masters, music from the American Broadway stage, American folk music and works by contemporary American composers. Reviewers from all European countries have noted the “purity of tone,” the “dedication to musical technical demands and expression,” and the “high quality, entertaining value” of our musicians.